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The first set of attributes and properties found on a connect object.



type bool
default True
Simulates the motion of the body; otherwise the body acts as a passive collision object.


type bool
default False
Track the shape deformation of passive (collision) objects.

Active on break

type enum
default off
indices off : all fragments : paint/localized only
Normally when an object is connected to a simulator it reacts to gravity the moment the simulation begins.

Active on animated example

When an object has its Active attribute turned off it will not react to gravity. Even at collision time the fragments will generate but not react dynamically and the colliding object will simply bounce off.

Active off animated example

Setting this attribute to "all fragments" will cause all the generated fragments to react dynamically upon collision.

all fragments animated example

The third option, localized, applies to a connected node that has a localized paint map applied to it.

localized animated example

A common mistake that is made is to set a node with a node with a localized paint map to "all fragments". This causes the entire mesh, not just the localized geometry, to react upon a collision event. In the animated example below you will see that the entire mesh begins to fall once the collision happens.

localized mesh with Active on break set to all fragments animated example


type float
default 1.000
Mass of the current object.

Initial velocity


type vector
default 0.000 0.000 0.000
Initial velocity of the current object at the start of the simulation.


type vector
default False
Initial angular velocity of the current object at the start of the simulation. Setting these attributes will give the mesh some spin which can add more natural realism to your simulation.

Energy dissipation


type float
default 0.100
min 0.000
Fractional value representing the ratio of speeds after and before an impact, taken along the line of the impact.


type float
default 0.200
min 0.000
Friction resists relative lateral motion of two solid surfaces in contact.

Linear damping

type float
default 0.000

Angular damping

type float
default 0.000


Displays fields that are connected to the simulator. Each field is displayed in its own check box allowing a user, on a per object basis, to toggle on and off the fields to apply to the current simulation.

Object properties fields.png

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