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These instructions are for the full version of Fracture FX.
For instructions on installing the trial version, please check the "Fracture FX Trial Download" email you received.

To get Fracture FX running on your machine, you need a valid license. At the time of writing, all our licenses are node-locked; this means that each license is only valid for the machine for which it was requested. Please read on for step-by-step instructions on how to install your license and get up and running.

  1. Upon receipt of your payment you will be sent an email outlining how to request a node-locked license. Follow the instructions in the email to request a license.
  2. A license will be sent to you in zip format. Use winzip or winrar to uncompress it. The license file is called "fxlcn". It has no file extension and should never be renamed.
  3. Copy the license in your home directory. Please refer to the box below for more info about your home directory.
Windows XP: <root>\Documents and Settings\<username>\My Documents\
Windows Vista: <root>\Users\<username>\Documents\
OSX: /Users/<username>
Linux: /home/<username>

Mac home dir.png

Common issues

An error message (in the script editor) like the one below means that the license is not in the correct directory. The message tells you where FractureFX is expecting to see the license.

// Error: fracture : failed to open license file "C:/Users/Ed/Documents/fxlcn" // 
// Error: initializePlugin function failed (fracture) //

Multiple licenses

If you've purchased node-locked licenses for more than one machine, and have network shared user home directories, you can either:

  • Concatenate all the license files together into a single fxlcn file, and place it in the home directory, or
  • Place the license files somewhere other than the home directory and set the environment variable FX_LCN_FILE to the absolute path to the license file. Fracture will check this variable before falling back to the home directory.

If you decide to concatenate the files, just copy/paste the lines in a plain text editor, one set after the other. If you're mixing v1 and v2 licenses in the same file, make sure the v2 licenses appear before the v1 licenses in the file, in order for both the v1 and v2 software to be able to read it.

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