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Overview of localize modes

Paint mode cuts the model with the map you paint, then applies the break pattern (e.g. voronoi) to the white/coloured region (anything not left black). The map cannot animate.

Volume mode works the same as paint, except the union of several volumes defines the region that becomes breakable. You can leave the fragment mode at none with either volume or paint localize mode, to just see the effect of the texture or volume.

Cluster mode groups fragments into lumps according to which painted regions or volumes they land in. Volumes override painted colored regions, i.e. the painted map is only considered for fragments not already sitting inside a cluster volume. Fragments in the black painted region or outside a volume are left unclustered. Clusters can separate into their component fragments in response to a event later in the sim.

Event-driven mode uses a painted or procedural texture, or a volume, as a mask on the break pattern. The mask can animate, i.e. an animated texture sequence, time-varying procedural texture, layered texture, animated or deforming volume. The object is rebroken on every frame that an event (anim or collision) evaluates; an animated mask will reveal more fragments as the internal cracks defined by the break pattern eventually meet. You can also use the shape of another colliding object to define the volume in which breaking occurs. This is the only mode that allows you to see cracks growing through the model.




type enum
default none
indices none : paint : event-driven
Enables localized attributes.



type color
default 0 0 0


type enum
default surface
indices surface : pixels (file textures only)

Surface samples

type int
default 5000
min 4
The number of samples to distribute over the surface when finding boundaries between painted regions on the map.

Relax iterations

type int
default 4
min 0
The number of iterations to get an even distribution of sample points over the surface.

Display samples

type bool
default False
Display the points on the surface at which the clump map will be sampled.


type bool
default True

Data name

type string
default paint
The name of custom data to be attached to shards to identify which region in the map they originated from: black (int 0), white(int 1).


Colorize fragments

type bool
default False

Collide event uses

type enum
default texture
indices texture : collider shape

Collider damage radius

type float
default 2.000
min 0.000
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