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Attributes that belong to the 3rd attribute group in the Globals tab and manage how all geometry is rendered, grouped, and named for the current simulator.


Output meshes

type option menu
default on
Output fragments to Maya mesh shapes, rather than just producing a GL preview of the result.

Empty fragment group

type bool
default False
Empties the fragment group at the start of each simulation. Otherwise existing meshes under the fragmentGroup are reused.

Triangulate fragments

type bool
default True
Triangulate the mesh on the fragments generated by the current simulator.

Fragment group

type string
default fragmentGroup
A group under which all generated fragments will be placed.

Fragment basename

type string
default frgmt#
The basename to give new meshes placed under the fragment group.


type string
A shading group to assign to new fragments. You can connect a shader instead and the downstream shadingEngine will be found. Defaults to initialShadingGroup.
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