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  • Check WiFi adapters on Windows

== 1.7.4

  • Option to break all shader connections from fragments. Workaround for Maya sometimes failing with "Unable to update render layer adjustment"
  • Shading/texturing prints progress and is interruptable


  • Workaround 3D paint tool sometimes not producing a unique name per texture
  • Workaround for fluid not emitting from particles, unless the particles are cached. Set update world to before on globals. (Mantis 244)
  • Fixed geometry disappearing in Mac builds


  • Fix scripted rotation change on a passive fragment sometimes causing a jump in position


  • Draw wireframe checkbox for simulator preview
  • Numeric display of object size


  • Splinter fragment type


  • Allow shading/texturing to work on imported alembic archives. (Requires re-export of the alembic.)
  • Fixed paint tool not displaying map using correct UV set


  • Option to propagate shaders to fragments, autoUV interior faces, or create selection sets. (New scenes only.)
  • Replaced blind data with intArray to identify interior faces. (New scenes only.)
  • Fixed convert selection to interior faces not working with split-plane mode
  • Fixed numeric overflow in point sample count leading to memory explosion, caused by the combination of a large scene scale with a small point separation.
  • Fixed cache file exists test failing on Windows. Mantis 218
  • Changed simulator defaults (gravity, point sep, solver)
  • Fixed listParams error sometimes occurring after playback is stopped, for non-unique object names. Mantis 196


  • Allow localize event-driven mode to work with replace-with-keys in fragments-only mode


  • Workaround paint tool sometimes failing when used on models with multiple UV sets


  • Fixed crash when simulating without any objects connected to the simulator.


  • Simulator GL preview now displays polygons by default rather than a triangle mesh
  • Fixed randomize color on break node sometimes failing
  • Fixed simulator window not closing when creating a new scene
  • Point sampling produces fewer points, and reduces further if too many would be introduced for large objects
  • Added button to data filter to grab data value from selected fragment, e.g. for cluster colors
  • Fixed assign modifier text field failing to focus on Mac when clicking on it
  • Force paint tool stamp profile to solid by default
  • Option to override voronoi pointSeed per object using the same break node. Set integer data fxBreak_pointSeed


  • Link randomize colors flag to displayColors on the mesh shape, and hide the toggle color display button for new scenes


  • Fixed cluster fragments jumping back when the cluster separates if the cluster was passive and activated later in the sim


  • Remove inheritSurfaceTex option. It's now set automatically if a texture modifier is used in the event. Mantis 73
  • New file nodes created for painting now have filtering disabled by default
  • Reorganize crack-image UI, and disable image threshold by default. Mantis 112
  • Link enable flag for chained break node under cluster settings to the cluster preview mesh visibility
  • Fixed cluster volumes not working if input model was scaled prior to breaking. Mantis 127
  • Connect selected meshes as cluster volumes
  • Fixed cache write path tokens not expanded before the test as to whether or not the file exists. Mantis 131
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