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These are the second set of attributes in the Globals tab and used to edit the drawing states of GL objects for the current simulator.



type bool
default True
Fracture draw GL items such as colored fragments (event pass colors) and the ground plane. Sometimes the GL fragments are mostly masked by the geometry with only some of the GL color bleeding through.

Draw mesh

type bool
default True
Similar to the Draw attribute except that this it only affects the GL fragments.

Draw points

type bool
default False
See: Simulation globals:Draw points

Draw center of mass

type bool
default False
Draw the center of mass on nodes connected to the simulator.

Center of mass scale

type float
default 1.000
min 0.000
Modify the scale of the center of mass when drawn.

Draw dist field

type bool
default False

Field slice

type int
default 0


Draw numeric

type enum
default off
indices off : selected : all
Draw per-fragment metadata in the viewport.

Draw vectors as

type enum
default xyz
indices xyz : length : line
Options for displaying the vectors of the dynamics state attributes. These attributes are set in the Data attribute, covered below.

Globals data choose dynamics state menu.png

Toggling through each of the indices displays the vectors as either XYZ coordinates, length or a trajectory line.


type string
default bodyId
This is the current metadata that is being displayed in the viewport when Draw numeric is enabled. The available data is selected from the Choose... menu.

Globals data choose menu.png

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